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UPS battery maintenance & replacement services

Battery maintenance is vital to achieve maximum battery life and performance.

Battery testing and maintenance should form part of a planned preventive maintenance regime and is essential for the continued performance of a Critical Power system. There are numerous types of battery testing that TSE Power offer. Replacing a whole battery string is a costly exercise. Using one of the below battery testing methods can identify any weak or failing blocks leading to a much lower replacement cost (or possibly the battery being re-conditioned) compared to the expense of swapping out an entire string. At the same time this will of course check the overall battery string health ensuring that any Critical Power System will deliver the protection expected when needed. 

TSE Power offers different types of battery testing


Impedance testing

Impedance testing is based on looking at a single battery blocks internal resistance and voltage. This proves to be a very reliable indicator of state of health. If a battery’s internal resistance increases by more than 50% above its known base line value, that battery block has effectively failed. 

Conductance testing

Conductance is an indication of a battery’s ability to conduct or produce energy. Using conductance and trending the results with information obtained from our handheld Midtronics conductance meters will provide you with the battery’s state of health by showing a percentage of measurement against the known original values. This will help plan the replacement of batteries before they reach end of life.

On Site battery monitoring systems

On site battery monitoring gives a 24/7 condition check of your batteries. These systems have sensors connected to each battery which measure voltage, impedance and temperature, this data is then sent to a central control unit and gives you real time monitoring. The control unit can also send email alerts or alerts via your Building Management System. These systems can also provide battery equalization, this helps prevent overcharging of battery blocks.

Load bank testing

This will show how long your critical power system will provide power to your load by discharging the batteries in real time with a known load. This can be the full designed load of the system or a set load.

Working in conjunction with TSE Power will ensure that your batteries are kept in excellent condition and will help to ensure peace of mind for your mission critical system.

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