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5 Reasons why you should opt for UPS preventive maintenance


TSE Power provides UPS maintenance and 24/7 UPS repairing in the UK, protecting critical operations, your reputation and your financial wellbeing.

The smooth running of your organisation depends on your data centre or IT infrastructure receiving an uninterrupted, consistent power supply. After all, your data centre / IT provides your communications, networked data storage, back-up, recovery and data management routines, all of which are crucial for day-to-day operations. As with any sensitive hardware, UPS systems need careful maintenance to keep them functioning reliably, meaning UPS preventive maintenance should be considered essential. By taking this proactive approach, the benefits to your business will be invaluable. Here are just five of the reasons why.

24/7 UPS repairing in the UK is proven to increase uptime

According to the Eaton Corporation, almost 70% of system downtime is preventable, and most of it is the result of poor maintenance. Regular inspections and preventative UPS maintenance identify and redress any issues before they present a serious threat. Unfortunately, it is a fact that problems do not limit themselves to convenient office hours, so choosing a maintenance service with 24/7 availability makes sense. The sooner a problem is detected, the faster it can be resolved, preventing or minimising your downtime. In fact, with a 24/7 monitoring service most problems can be fixed before you are even aware of them.

Proactive UPS maintenance saves money

If you suffer a sudden system failure, being offline for an extended period can result in lost business, missed deadlines and lost data, but replacing damaged systems is another major expense. Both the UPS system and the systems they should have protected may need repairs or replacement – knocking holes in your budget plans. On the other hand, when your UPS is regularly serviced, the risk of a catastrophic system failure is remote, and with careful maintenance the longevity of your UPS components can be extended, providing you with an additional return on your investment.

Preventative UPS maintenance is simpler

Another benefit of a professional preventative approach is that it clarifies your assets and routines and makes them easier to monitor. A maintenance contract begins with creating a detailed inventory of components, including their location and serial numbers. Remote monitoring can be provided for you, facilitating real-time performance analysis, and providing important information such as operational status and servicing dates. This makes managing your data systems much simpler, and gives you the overview you need to make your systems as efficient as possible, and to schedule long-term plans for system upgrades.

Prepare for the future with 24/7 UPS repairing in the UK

When you opt for preventative UPS maintenance, you can have the service details tailored to your organisation’s unique needs and objectives. Scalability will be considered, ensuring that changes in your system load will always be taken into account. Rather than running the risk of sudden unexpected financial burdens because of system failures, regular servicing means that your UPS costs become predictable, and therefore easily factored into your budget. It is a smart investment that protects your organisation from both devastating outages and from untimely bills.

Preventative maintenance can save energy

Energy is not cheap, and in these climate-conscious times we need to save as much as we can. Load testing is an opportunity to make sure your UPS is running as efficiently as possible, and that in turn can help to reduce your utility bills, heat pollution and energy wastage. Data centre cooling systems can send energy use skyrocketing when not operating at maximum efficiency.

UPS maintenance makes sense!

The most compelling reason for arranging UPS preventative maintenance is obviously to protect your uptime – a crucial business driver – but it’s clear there are many more advantages too. Organisations that have already recognised the need for 24/7 UPS repairing in the UK are seeing their foresight pay dividends. They are benefitting from less disruption, improved system performance, considerable savings in long-term running costs, and better planning. Eaton’s research revealed that organisations without a regular maintenance schedule were four times more likely to suffer outages than those that did. If you are looking to safeguard your organisation’s future, a preventative UPS maintenance service should be seen as essential.