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How commercial generators are becoming vital for business

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Winter brings snow, spring brings gales, summer brings thunderstorms and autumn brings floods. Local power failures happen year-round and mechanical diggers cause quite a few more. It’s not a matter of “if” but only “when”. Now that we have a full-blown energy supply crisis, regional and national blackouts are on the cards too. This is a challenge for everyone, but for some, it will be a disaster.

In the 1960s and 1970s, power failures were common due to weather and politics yet most businesses and homes simply carried on: we burned coal, lit candles and exchanged cash relying on mental arithmetic. Our cars and trucks only needed petrol and went on delivering. The phones still worked (they had their own low voltage supply), we could use paper and pen and refer to books at the library. Since then, we have become dangerously complacent. Our domestic, industrial and business activities are almost entirely dependent on single-source electricity.

It’s no use Googling “generator hire near me”

Firstly, your desktops, routers and IP phones will probably not work, the mobile networks (if still up) will be jammed with traffic, and everyone else will already be queuing for the last local generator – assuming they can pay for it without electricity. When you do need “generator hire near me” TSE Power should be your first call, but many businesses should be guaranteeing power continuity in advance.

For iron, steel and glass works, power failures can ruin not only the production run but also the furnaces. Heated incubators will fail on farms and restaurants and food suppliers will lose their frozen goods. Financial traders could quickly face ruin and what about shops that cannot operate their tills, door locks or alarm systems? Automated industrial machinery often requires a system reset after an unplanned shutdown and if you occupy a high-rise building, heat rises and the windows don’t open. They become uninhabitable without the HVAC systems.

Power cuts were rising around the world long before the recent energy uncertainty began. Political interference in pursuit of green alternatives hasn’t helped. The electricity generated from coal has fallen from 43% to less than 2% in just ten years. A 45min failure of the National Grid in 2019 caused rail disruption for two days followed by failure of the water pumping system for a further two days. When there is any shortage of electricity on the Grid, government policy is to cut off businesses before domestic users.

To protect critical systems and operations, searching for “generator hire near me” is not the answer. You need a permanent solution from TSE Power.

Types of generators available

There are two main types of generator available; portable models that run on petrol or diesel and are mostly intended for use out in the field, and static ones that are permanently wired into the building. These cut in automatically when a power outage is detected and switch back to the mains when it is restored. Usually, they are diesel or natural gas-powered. Generators can also be designed to work in tandem with your UPS system. TSE Power can help you identify your requirements and manage the entire installation project.