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Portable VS Standby-which one should you buy for your home?

portable generator


Energy supply shortages and the possibility of a harsh winter mean the risk of national blackouts is currently extremely high. This warning has sparked an increase in generator sales, with many looking to buy generators for their own homes. Having a generator at home can be useful for many different situations such as a natural disaster or to ensure vital medical equipment can still work during a power failure. For anyone looking to add a generator to their home, the question is: portable or standby, which is better? Or would searching for ‘generator hire near me‘ be the best option?

Portable or standby – what is the difference?

A portable generator, as the name suggests, is mobile equipment. It performs largely the same functions as a standby model but can be moved around. A standby generator, also known as a stationary generator, is a permanent installation in your home.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. A standby generator is usually insulated within its own casing neatly somewhere in your home, so noise is limited. Most often, they run on natural gas or propane and can operate for quite some time. They also kick in automatically when a power failure occurs. However, the main disadvantage of a standby generator is the price. While they may be considered the best option when it comes to performance, the price tag may be difficult for many, particularly in these challenging times.

The mobility that a portable generator affords is one of its key strengths. It can be used around the home, or on camping trips, for example. They are far cheaper to buy and install in your home. They can power almost as much as a standby generator, once connected to your home’s circuit breaker panel with a transfer switch. However, in the event of a power failure, a portable generator has to be located, connected and switched on. It does not kick in automatically like a standby generator. You also have to be able to safely store enough fuel to get you through a power shortage.

Should ‘generator hire near me’ be your next search?

Due to the lower price tag, portable generators do tend to be more popular for homeowners, but there is another option. If your need for a generator is likely to be a short-term one, for example, to get you through the winter, or for a specific event or occasion, then hiring a generator could be the best solution. If power failures are rare in your home, searching for ‘generator hire near me’ may be the best and most cost-effective option. Hiring a generator also removes the worries of being fully responsible for the upkeep and repair of a generator.

Whether you should buy a standby or a portable generator or whether you should hire one depends on several key factors. Take time to consider how often you are likely to use a generator, how much your home relies on power, how much back up power you would need and, most of all, your budget. All of these should be given careful consideration before making your choice.